The Top 25 IT Services Executives of 2023

C-Suite Spotlight is excited to unveil the prestigious lineup of the industry’s most influential IT Services Executives of 2023. In an era of unprecedented digital growth and interconnectedness, these visionary leaders play a pivotal role in ensuring economic stability through their invaluable contributions to the field of IT services.

  1. Ravi Kumar S (Cognizant)
  2. Enrique Lores (HP)
  3. Chris Caldwell (Concentrix)
  4. Tiger Tyagarajan (Genpact)
  5. Michael Dell (Dell Technologies)
  6. Mike Salvino (DXC Technology)
  7. Antonio Neri (Hewlett Packard Enterprise)
  8. Arkadiy Dobkin (EPAM Systems)
  9. Cliff Skelton (Conduent)
  10. Martin Migoya (Globant)
  11. Amy Gilliland (General Dynamics Information Technology)
  12. Sean Casey (Apex Systems)
  13. Kevin Shank (Compucom)
  14. Fran├žois Locoh-Donou (F5)
  15. Eugene Goland (DataArt)
  16. Naozer Dalal (Allsec Technologies Limited)
  17. Mark Sears (CloudFactory)
  18. Michelle OConnor (MEDITECH)
  19. Darko Dejanovic (Solera, Inc.)
  20. Sachin Alug (NLB Services)
  21. Talbott Roche (Blackhawk Network)
  22. Christopher Adams (Park Place Technologies)
  23. Jeremy Johnson (Andela)
  24. Abhinav Shashank (Innovaccer)
  25. Usman Asif (Devsinc)


C-Suite Spotlight proudly presents The Top 25 IT Services Executives of 2023, recognizing the influential leaders driving the field of IT services in an increasingly connected digital landscape. These executives are essential contributors to economic stability, empowering companies worldwide with their expertise in software development, system integration, cybersecurity, cloud computing, and more. Their leadership ensures smooth IT operations, technical support, and innovative solutions that enhance productivity, security, and business processes. Among the notable awardees, Amy Gilliland of General Dynamics Information Technology, Michael Dell of Dell Technologies, and Cliff Skelton of Conduent stand out for their remarkable achievements. Join us in celebrating these accomplished individuals who shape the future of technology in today’s digital era.


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