Navigating the Cosmos for New Beginnings: Choosing an Auspicious Paya in Astrology for Newborns

The birth of a baby is a celestial event, and in the tapestry of astrology, choosing the right Paya for a newborn is believed to set the tone for their journey ahead. In this exploration, we’ll embark on a journey through the cosmic landscape to understand the significance of different Payas in astrology and their potential impact on a newborn’s life. Whether you’re a seasoned astrological enthusiast or a curious parent, let’s unravel the cosmic wisdom that guides the choice of Paya for a new bundle of joy. Join us in this celestial quest, seeking insights from especially a woman astrologer, to illuminate the path toward auspicious beginnings.

1. Understanding Payas in Astrology:

In the intricate realm of astrology, Payas are lunar segments that influence various aspects of a person’s life. Determined by the position of the Moon at the time of birth, Payas play a crucial role in shaping an individual’s destiny. For a newborn, selecting the right Paya is considered a thoughtful and auspicious practice.

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2. Svarna (Gold) Paya:

The Svarna Paya, associated with gold, is believed to bring prosperity and abundance. It symbolizes a life filled with wealth, happiness, and material success. Choosing the Svarna Paya for a newborn is often considered a blessing for a future of affluence and well-being.

3. Rajat (Silver) Paya:

Silver, the metal associated with the Rajat Paya, signifies purity and emotional balance. Opting for the Rajat Paya is believed to foster emotional well-being, a calm temperament, and harmonious relationships throughout the child’s life.

4. Tamra (Copper) Paya:

Copper, representing the Tamra Paya, is associated with health and vitality. Choosing this Paya is believed to bring robust health and resilience to the newborn, ensuring a life filled with vigor and the ability to overcome health challenges.

5. Nari (Brass) Paya:

The Nari Paya, linked to brass, symbolizes strength and courage. Opting for the Nari Paya is thought to instill bravery, determination, and a strong will in the child, paving the way for a life of courage and resilience.

6. Mixed (Sankhya) Paya:

The Mixed or Sankhya Paya is a combination of the other four, representing a balanced and diverse life. Choosing the Mixed Paya is believed to offer a well-rounded and versatile life, with a blend of prosperity, emotional balance, good health, and strength.


In the celestial dance of a newborn’s arrival, choosing the right Paya is a heartfelt endeavor rooted in the rich traditions of astrology. Whether opting for the opulence of Svarna, the purity of Rajat, the vitality of Tamra, the strength of Nari, or the balanced energies of the Mixed Paya, the decision is a cosmic tapestry woven with hopes and aspirations. Seek guidance from astrologers and let the cosmic wisdom guide you in selecting the most auspicious Paya for your newborn. May the celestial energies align to bless your little one’s journey with abundance, harmony, health, strength, or a harmonious blend of all.

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